For NJ's Electrical Contractors    
Giving timely & understandable business consultation solutions for NJ's Electrical Contractors.  We are not a law firm, we are better.                                                      
        "We help you get out, stay out and AVOID future troubles.

               - Electrical Contracting Board (Newark) responses to:
o  Unlicensed /under-supervised employees
                              o  Business permit issues
                              o  Renegade business partners
                -  Advisements on contracts/ business entity creation/ modification/ dissolution
                              o  Proposal / estimate structuring
                              o  Terms of payment & collections $$$$
                              o  Negotiations
                              o  General contractor business conflicts
                              o  Employee issues
                                       -  New hire non-compete agreements 
                 - Advisory / consultations on:                           
                             o  Collections
                             o  Loss mitigation
                             o  Job takeovers ( not getting sued)

                  -Startups / closeups/ scale back / semi-retirement 
                             o   Buying/ selling/ semi-retiring from contracting
                             o  Customer lists
                                     -   Valuation of customer lists ( bought or sold)
                                     -   Continuing liabilty  

                  Organizational changes
                             o  Corporations created & dissolved ( both S & C types)
                             o  LLC's,  LLP's created & dissolved
                             o  Sole proprietorship ( when it is best)
                             o  Partnership agreements 

RESPONSIVE- Yes we return all calls.  OUR GOAL IS WITHIN AN HOUR. 
                                  (201) 716-2883
                                                                                                                                                                    Midland Park, NJ 07432


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